When Meek was finally released from prison back in April, everyone wondered what he was going to do next. Of course the fans were looking forward to new music, but Meek's time in prison was unique in the corruption from the criminal justice system that was on display, and the social and political powers that mobilized to finally free him.

Shortly after his release, Dateline previewed their interview with Meek, his first since leaving prison. The full length interview with Meek aired on Sunday's episode of Dateline, and in it, Meek expresses his desire to work to reform the criminal justice system in order to help others who are in the same position as he was. 

"At this point, it’s not all about me having the light to shine on my situation," says Meek. "It’s about the thousands of others that’s caught up in that situation. Let’s continue, let’s retire the free Meek Mill hashtag and make it hashtag justice reform."

Meek is already making good on his promises, as last week he introduced Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf at a press conference, but not before admitting some hard truths about his situation living under parole for the past ten years. He's also signed up for a documentary series about the broken legal system which will premiere on Amazon's streaming service. Hopefully he, and those who petitioned for his release, continue to fight against injustice.

You can check out the whole Dateline interview with Meek [HERE], or you can watch the preview of the interview down below.