So much can change in a few years. Despite being bitter enemies for a brief spell, Drake and Meek Mill have since forged an unbreakable bromance much to the delight of their respective fanbases. Though we've only seen one collaboration in "Going Bad" since their mutual decision to bury the hatchet, it seems as if Meek and Drizzy will remain in constant communication whenever new music is being created. So much so that Meek recently took to IG to further pledge his loyalty to the Champagne Papi.

David Becker/Getty Images
"Someone hit ya block up I’ll tell you if it’s us," writes Meek, alongside a picture of a grinning Drake. Clearly, he's a fan of "Life Is Good," the most recent dose of menacing luxury raps from the What A Time To Be Alive duo. It should also be noted that Meek's line suggests a pledge of loyalty, all but solidifying himself as one of Drake's go-to generals. Perhaps it's to be expected after Drizzy publically declared his comeback to be the greatest of all time.

While this is hardly a groundbreaking development, it's certainly cool to see how far Meek and Drake have come. From lyrical warfare to open declarations of bromance. What a time to be alive.