Yesterday, CNN's Don Lemon actually called Meek Mill for his thoughts, after previously visiting the rapper in jail. "Today the District Attorney told the Philadelphia court that he supports a new trial for you, because of serious issues regarding the credibility of your arresting officer. He also said he supported bail for you," says Lemon. "How are you feeling tonight?"

"I try to keep my spirits high," admits Meek, sounding optimistic. "I feel like I will be free one day cause of the D.A. making that statement basically saying they know something is wrong here...I think I'll be able to get my chance pretty soon, my time coming." Lemon follows up with a question about Judge Genece Brinkley, asking Meek how he feels about her decision to prolong the process after failing to come to a decision after sixty days. "I thought that was a little crazy," says Meek. "I try not to do too much negative speaking on her cause my life's in her hands but people can see that's a little crazy."

Unfortnately, Meek doesn't think Judge Brinkley will end up doing anything in his favor, but he's remaining optimistic nevertheless. "The most important thing I want to say is, vote. When it's time to vote for governor, when it's time to vote for judges, D.A.s, vote," says Meek. "Let's vote for people that's in to justice reform and helping the urban community. 'Cause, you know, we're being affected by it but we're not voting."