Not only did 6ix9ine get sentenced in the guns and racketeering case but by the time the day ended, Trump was officially impeached. He's the third president in American history to ever get impeached. Although it's unclear what will happen with the impeachment moving forward, most people were waiting to hear from Trump including Meek Mill.

After news broke of Trump's impeachment, Meek Mill hit Twitter than the president himself with one question: "who our next president tho?" Although Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998, this is the first time Meek's actually paid attention to what's happening during an actual impeachment. Meek didn't seem entirely concerned about the next president but he was waiting on Trump's response. "I can’t lie I’m waiting to see what trump got to say about this lol he should just go out wit a bang," he tweeted with a laughing emoji. "He should go live on the gram."

While Trump didn't immediately hit Twitter to air out his thoughts, he did have a few things to say during a rally and his rep issued a statement later on.

"The contrast between President Trump and the Democrats couldn’t be more clear,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in the statement. “While the President rallied with tens of thousands of citizens in Michigan and celebrated the greatness and success of America, Democrats in D.C. completed their cold, calculated, and concocted 3-year impeachment sham and voted against 63 million Americans. And the only part of the vote that was bipartisan was in opposition.