Meek Mill's legal has finally filed an appeal to get Judge Genece Brinkley removed from his case, taking up to the highest council in Pennsylvania. According to TMZ, the appeal is in response to Brinkley denying him a retrial. but 3 days ago, the Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ruled against Meek Mill, saying he failed to meet a burden of proof required of a new trial, this after the District Attorney said the very opposite.

Meek Mill's right to pursue a new trial is further sanctified by the dubious nature of the arresting officer in the case, a Philadelphia Cop mired in the massive police corruption scandal rocking the city. The legal documents obtained by TMZ point the finger at Brinkley for making her decision, before Meek had a chance to plead his case during his hearing for a retrial, concluding earlier this week. Meek's legal team describe the Judge as losing direction: "she acted like a prosecutor, not a judge."

As previously reported, Meek's legal team is adamant over a sequence in which Judge Brinkley appeared to laugh off the claims of one of their key witnesses. The scornful chuckle led to fiery exchange between the Judge and Meek's defense team. Meek's lawyer has ultimately labelled the Judge's refusal as a "miscarriage of justice."