Meek Mill has been up to a lot over these past few weeks and sometimes, it feels like he truly never stops. For instance, prior to Christmas, Meek and Michael Rubin were reportedly working on a massive scholarship fund for kids in the Philadelphia area. He was also providing those kids with the necessary materials to go to school, which was a massive deal. On Clubhouse, Meek created quite a stir thanks to his showdown with DJ Akademiks all while teasing new music for this month.

More recently, Meek was spotted putting on a hilarious little dance battle with an older man. In the clip below, Meek and the man can be seen putting on some fairly robotic moves, although it's clear that Meek has just a bit more rhythm than the man in question, who is struggling to keep up.

With new Meek music coming out this month, fans are gearing up for what should be some quality releases. Since returning home from prison, Meek has provided fans with solid output and we can only imagine he will be back with more bangers.

As for his dancing, it remains to be seen whether or not he will want to keep up with that.

Meek Mill

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Fanatics