It's been years since Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were happily in love, but it looks like these exes still may harbor some bitterness. The rappers reportedly dated from 2015 to 2017 as they were spotted on red carpets, courtside at games, and featured on one another's social media pages. They split in 2017 and seemed to have gone their separate ways amicably, but a recent run-in with the former couple and Nicki's newlywed husband Kenneth "Zoo" Petty shows that there are some underlying issues still brewing between the former couple.

According to reports, Meek was shopping at Maxfield in West Hollywood, a luxury clothing store, when Nicki and Kenneth just happened to stop by. TMZ reports that their sources claim that as soon as Meek saw the newlyweds, he "immediately gave them a nasty stare-down." Initial reports stated that Meek was approached by the couple who began shouting at him while he was trying to be cordial. However, this new report from these sources says the opposite occurred.

TMZ claims "our sources are adamant Meek's still obsessed with Nicki" and that it was Meek who caused the loud verbal argument. In a video of the incident, Nicki reportedly is heard calling her ex a "b*tch." The publication noted that Meek previously previewed a new track with the line, "This sh*t beyond me, you was supposed to be my Beyoncé, now you this n*gga fiance?!" The outlet did add that Meek denied he was speaking about Nicki. Just in case you missed it, you can watch the clip of the argument below.