With all the good provisions afforded to Meek Mill in the wake of his release from prison, Soulja Boy criticism hardly means a thing. That's at least the public front Meek Mill has used to address his tongue-lashing. Soulja Boy fired off on Meek Mill his interview with the Breakfast Club panel; the reason being: for publicly siding with Tyga, in the senseless debate of who amongst them staged the strongest comeback in 2018.

It should be noted, Tyga has been in Soulja Boy's proverbial doghouse, since siding with Chris Brown back when a celebrity boxing match was briefly tabled. So in essence, Meek Mill is not unlike anyone question to Soulja's dubious claims of a strong year in music. So when Meek mocked him on a Social Media, Soulja filed his retort in the same manner.

"Meek Mill posted me on his page?" Soulja Boy wrote to his social media following. "I wasn’t trying to go viral n**ga! I was just saying some real sh** stupid little n**gas! Y’all n**gas always on my d**k, n**ga! I ain’t posting no other rap n**gas on my page, n**ga—y’all on my d**k!"

At first, Meek Mill muttered nothing in response. But after watching the latest Breakfast Club interview, and the manner in which Soulja Boy went on the offensive, Meek Mill had little to say in response. He nonetheless offered this good day Twitter greeting in exchange for the media attention. Consider this case of nonchalance, good as closed.