Meek Mill may be a free man, in the sense that he no longer sits confined in a jail cell. But the Championships rapper has been burdened with probation for eleven years, the bulk of his adult life. Of course, his legal turmoil is well documented, likewise are his post-prison efforts to reform the criminal justice system. Despite the fact that he was unfairly incarcerated as a result of his probation, there doesn't appear to be any steps in process to strike it from his record.

Naturally, this seemingly hopeless fate has caused Meek to feel somewhat frustrated. The People's Champ took to Twitter to vent about his circumstances, an understandable concern. "I just wanna get off probation I been on this shit my whole adult life," he writes. "11 years of asking for permission." 

Eleven years of probation is a hell of a long time, especially given that Meek has proven himself to be an upstanding citizen and contributor to his community. We can only hope that he finds justice before long, as the idea of a "free" Meek Mill being plagued by a persistent legal hurdle is disturbing, to say the least.