On Halloween of 2012, Meek Mill was arrested after being pulled over in Philadelphia. The rapper was cuffed when he refused to let police search his vehicle, claiming that they smelled Marijuana coming from the car.

Turns out, the cops didn't find anything, but in the process, Meek missed a private jet flight to Atlanta. 

According to court documents, Meek lost $22,000 over the cancelled flight, and $39,000 for the missed party appearance in the ATL.

Not only that, Meek is also arguing that the negative publicity stemming from his arrest knocked down the price on a Puma sponsorship he was negotiating at the time. While he was offered a hefty $2 Million initially, the rapper says he eventually had to agree to $650,000.

The MMG spitter is now suing the city for false imprisonment, as well as invasion of privacy.

[Update: Meek Loses Civil Suit Against Police]

Meek Mill has seen better days. On Thursday, the MMG rapper lost a civil rights case against Philadelphia police who he accused of illegally detaining him (read more on it above).

After the mostly all-white jury announced their decision, the disappointed Philly emcee began to leave the courtroom and say:

“They ain’t from where I’m from. I [don't] really expect them to understand what I go through. I respect their decision, though.”

Meek later took to Twitter to address the loss. “I’m not surprised…Just let me move away from here,” he said. “I just wanna get this money. And take care of my family! I sued they said I’m wrong.”