Meek Mill's comeback season is upon us. The erroneously jailed rapper is dropping his new album CHAMPIONSHIPS this week, and he sat down with Vulture to speak on his progress in the last few months. Meek is feeling revitalized, and his whole energy feels different when you see him now. Gone is the naive young gangster rapper who moved with a hint of malice that shook up everyone in the game. He's been replaced with a wiser, more contemplative man. Meek's growth as both a man and an artist has been astonishing to watch.

In the interview, after Meek admits he was high when he started beef with Drake, he admits that he's open to work with the OVO ruler.  “Me and Drake have actually been communicating for the last year," he admitted. "Even before I went to prison. It was based on the right time. We ain’t have nothing going on but a rap beef, we didn’t cause harm to each other. I think it took both of us going through some ups and downs, me in my career. It made me stronger. I’m moving off love right now, so it was only proper to link with someone I actually did business with before and called my friend before.”

On the topic of a collaboration, Meek stated, “I think that’s possible. What we did was genuine. We didn’t just do it for the love of the people ‘cause we could’ve been done that. We waited until we were ready and did that.” He also reveals that Nicki Minaj's line in "Barbie Dreams" pertaining to him sliding in her DMs was false. “I ain’t get no heads-up [about the song], but I definitely wasn’t in nobody’s DMs. And definitely wasn’t nobody ducking me, shit. That’s a fact,” he asserted. “I actually was laughing at it, too. ‘Cause there’s no limits! I felt it and I liked it. That’s a dope rap.”