It's been a relative minute since the release of Meek Mill's Championships, an album that some felt to be his best thus far. Since its release, Meek has been actively putting in work on his next endeavor, strengthing his ties with Jay-Z and Roc Nation in the process. And while there have been a few tiny rainbow-colored speedbumps on the road to personal peace of mind, Meek Mill has been using his downtime wisely. Today, he took a moment to showcase one of his upcoming bangers, and a promising one at that.

Meek Mill new music

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

If there's one thing rappers love more than anything, it's declaring to be back. Taking to IG Live to make the declaration, the Philly rapper previewed a clip of what sounds like a potential introduction. "Custom new Bugatti, all these billionaires around me, it feels like Illuminati," he spits, over a minimalist piano build-up. "Bad bitch that pussy wet, I slip, I can sue somebody / I can't keep my shooters round me, they be trying to shoot somebody."

If Meek's own formula is to be believed, expect this one to take off in a "Dreams & Nightmares" esque fashion. And when it inevitably does, expect Meek to kick the intensity up a notch as only he can. Given everything he's been through since his last album, one has to wonder if this upcoming drop will be his best yet. In the meantime, check out this new preview and sound off - promising?