It seems like Meek Mill is going to be following through with the new release date forDreamchasers 3, on September 20th. The rapper dropped a new leak last night, and has been busy on Twitter promoting the project.

On his last Dreamchasers mixtape,DC2, Meek's Intro was on his strongest tracks, and one of the most well-received leaks. It sounds like Meek is aiming to do something big with his Intro on DC3 too. In a recent interview, the rapper said he's "going at everybody’s heads" on his Intro for the tape. 

Now on Twitter, the Philly native names one rapper in specific who's head he's going at-- you guessed it, Kendrick Lamar. He tweeted, "Ima catch Kendrick on da intro I ain't forget!" Are you excited to hear the track?