Yesterday, we reported that Meek Mill's lawyers would be filing the paperwork for a Post-Conviction Relief Act following the recent news of corruption in the rapper's case. Today, those files have been taken into consideration and Meek has been granted an appeal hearing in April. The appeal is based on the news that the sole witness, police officer Reginald Graham, is on a secret list of "corrupt cops" that have committed perjury by lying on the witness stand or who have been improper in their arrests. The Philly native is currently serving time for violating his probation but, according to Meek's lawyers, Graham is lying about several elements surrounding the arrest.

For one, Meek allegedly did not point his gun at the arresting officer or at anyone else during the arrest, and he did not have any drugs on him at the time. These are both aspects that Graham has been untruthful about, a situation which we spoke about directly with Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina. The Philadelphia rapper's legal team has been incredibly hard at work, looking for any angle they can swing to get their client out of prison. 

The Post-Conviction Relief Appeal will be held in April and, in the meantime, Meek will need to tough it out in jail a little while longer. We will keep you posted with any new developments in the trial as they occur. For now, check out part one of our interview series with Meek's lawyer.

[via CBS]