Meek Mill is really a champion. He dropped off his Championships album last week, and the scorching track has placed him back on top of the game. While doing a promo run for the album, Meek dropped by Hot 97 to visit Funk Flex. Flex has been a vocal critic of Drake, to say the least, and he had his hand in stirring up the beef between Drizzy and Meek. "Me and Drake good now, you 'gon stop getting at Drake?," asserted Meek mid-conversation. "If you tell me to stop," began Funk before Meek interrupted him. "100 percent, yeah, we kicking it every day on the phone. We ain't just like, fake squash the beef," explained Meek. 

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT

"He did what he needed to do. He held it down," continued Meek before Flex apologized to Drizzy. "Drake, I apologize," says Flex before declaring that he'll get on the phone with Drizzy to make peace. That wasn't the highlight of the interview though. Soon after, Flex suggests that Meek should freestyle. "I told you what I want," replies Meek when Flex asks him what beat to throw on. "Back To Back," drops in cinematically and Meek devours the instrumental. He continues on to freestyle over other beats, but if you want to hear the "Back To Back" assault, jump to 3:53.