After news broke that Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years behind bars, it didn't take long for people to stir up an uproar. The reasoning behind his sentence was unjust and the judge responsible for the sentencing reportedly had it out for Meek in the first place. Despite all of this, his lawyer was not going to let Meek go to jail without a fight.

Meek has officially filed to be released from prison, TMZ reports. In addition to his release, he's also demanding to have his probation completely terminated. They say the documents were filed earlier this morning in PA and it reportedly cites Judge Genece Brinkley's personal beef with him as a result of the unfair sentencing. They documents they've acquired say Meek's lawyer cites two separate incidents that violated his probation were ultimately dismissed charges. They even say Meek's probation officer testified that he did well under probation. On top of that, they want his probation cleared due to the fact that he's matured over time and he's proven to be a responsible father, has a profession and has also shown that he's "generally been rehabilitated." They says he's requested to be granted time served as well as his release.

The recently filed documents come at the heels of controversy surrounding Judge Genece Brinkley. After Meek's attorney said that she had a personal vendetta against the rapper, he also filed to have the judge removed from the case completely. That came shortly after it was reported she was under investigation by the FBI for "possible extortionate demand." Shortly after that, documents surfaced showing that she was allowing Meek associate with a convicted felon, which were against his probation conditions.

Earlier this week, fans and peers gathered in Philadelphia to rally for Meek Mill in freedom. Rick Ross and Dr. J as well as a large group of supporters were seen outside of the Criminal Justice Center in Meek's hometown where they chanted "Free Meek." At one point during the protest, Rick Ross stepped up to the microphone to not only show support for Meek but also