As we navigate through this global pandemic together, we learn more about what we can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 every day. With breaking news every hour, it can be difficult to remain sane during these trying times. We're in self-quarantine in order to protect our family members who are older, immunosuppressed, or at risk of developing serious health issues as a result of the coronavirus. Meek Mill knows how harmful it can be, explaining that he has having flu-like around Christmas time, which ultimately went unresolved. With his description, some fans are convinced that he had the illness before anyone else.

"I was extremely sick in December around christmas time with flu like symptoms," revealed Meek Mill on Twitter. "Everyday I said to myself a older person cannot survive this! I lost like 15 pounds and could barely move! I never been that sick.. a doctor never told me what it was."

Considering the fact that the doctor was unable to identify what was causing his illness, it's possible that he had come into contact with the coronavirus before it was widely spread throughout the globe. While that is pure speculation, fans of the Philadelphia rapper are convinced that it's the truth.

"You had Rona & didn’t even know it," said one person in his comments. The sentiment was echoed by many.

Whether or not Meek actually did have the virus, it's important for us to maintain social distance and continue washing our hands often to protect the people around us. Stay safe.

Meek Mill coronavirus
Jason Merritt/Getty Images