Meek Mill's third studio album Wins & Losses is expected to be released later this year. The Philly rapper has provided some background on the title, which Rick Ross announced last week, in a new video segment with Spotify.

As you might expect, the album will find Meek defining the wins and losses he's experienced in his life, but also how they shaped him. "I’m still trying to find the definition of a win and a loss," he said, revealing the project would be about "what molded me to being Meek Mill, the trials and tribulations of my life that made me as strong as I am today."

Meek then suggested that there were a few clear triumphs in his career. "When I got my first deal, signed with Rozay, that was a win," he said. "When I lost my freedom and caught my case, it was kind of like a win too. The judge put me through a lot, sent me back and forth to jail, but it taught me a lot. It started out as a loss but I turned it into a win." Meek later explained that the death of his protege, Lil Snupe, at age 18, was a true loss for the rapper.

Regardless of the scoreboard, perseverance is what got Meek where he is today. "You can’t make me feel like I’m losing," he said. "That’s why, through all this shit, I always stayed chin up."

Watch the full interview on Spotify.

Within the last month, Meek has released the Meekend Music EP, the Honorable C.N.O.T.E-produced "Glow Up," and the Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted "Whatever You Need." On Friday night, he previewed a new track on Instagram.