For someone who claimed he needed a "real life" from social media, Meek Mill sure is doing a lot of Tweeting. Nearly 24 hours ago, Meek Mill addressed a phantom female subject on Twitter with concerns he might be a misleading candidate for romance. Meek laid out his intentions by exonerating himself of any future wrongdoings. "You probably like the sweetest girl I've ever known ... but I’ll probably f#%k it up because to me falling in love is uncomfortable," he tweeted yesterday. 

Meek's pronouncement comes after a month of addressing a "mystery girlfriend" in various social media posts. "When I get married this how we carrying it," he remarked in a post depicting a foreign whip with a wedding gown flowing out the passenger side. "You gave me more than I wanted ... you gave me more then I needed."

Part of me thinks the mystery musings are just a marketing ploy. That's not to say Meek Mill fancies himself the Ne-Yo of rap, or would ever venture into that territory - but why go through the trouble of hiring a professional photographer just to placate a female suitor. Meek Mill's last album was full of mixed signals (in relation to the overall theme), so it's fair to assume he isn't too sure himself, where he stands on playing the field post-Nicki.

Scott Legato/Getty Images