TMZ has learned that Meek Mill spun his Rolls-Royce into an Uber last night while he was cruising West Hollywood at around 1:30 am. In his defense, Meek wasn't merely riding shogun when the Rolls-Royce he personally owns rammed into a reversing SUV. It would appear that nothing hostile came of the situation. Insurance numbers were likely exchanged, as the Roll Royce's front bumper seems to have incurred the worst of the collision. The following video puts everything in perspective.

The funniest thing to come out of the situation pertains to the fact the Uber Driver didn't know a "Meek Mill" form his left shoe and was, therefore, the least bit starstruck as they exchanged information. As the video goes to demonstrate, a pennywise Meek Mill looks over the damage on his $450,000 Ghosty, the same model he puts to use in the "Going Bad" music video with Drake. "With his back against the wall," Meek Mill engages his gambling rival in a game of chicken, ending poorly for both parties.

The unappeasable TMZ reporter and his cameraman did everything in their power to implicate themselves in the ordeal. Notice how Meek Mill's bodyguard has to inform the paparazzi to dial back the flash on their cameras. The reporter even resorts to asking Meek Mill for his opinion on 21 Savage's arrest, to no avail.