Meek Mill has been making noise lately, in his battle for Philly supremacy with Cassidy.  The MMG spitta has burst to the forefront of talent from his hometown with his mammoth Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, and his highly successful sophomore album.   In a recent interview with FADER, Meek talks about how the massive talent coming out of Philadelphia has influenced him.   He also says that travelling to different cities offers new perspective and inspiration.

As evidenced in his recent battles, Milly is always pushing to be at the top of the list of Philly rhymers, and says that comes from the city producing so much talent, “Being from Philly you gotta know how to turn out to the one of the hottest you gotta do a lot of practice cause it’s a lot of other guys out here that’ll take your spot real fast.” The P.A. native says that city is what instilled his work ethic, “I think being from Philly play a big part in it, we a strong city, we got a lot of talented rappers.  You wanna be one of the best you gotta out work everybody.”

Just staying at home in Philly is not enough for him, and the MMG artist cites travelling to different places as a way for himself to constantly evolve, “I get inspired off of different things, I get inspired from L.A., New York, to Miami, even Philly myself.  I just like to put myself in different moods and zones, so I can make different music.  If you stay in the same spot, the place you at will influence your music more, so I like to move around.”