By now, you've all heard the news about Kenneth Petty. Nicki Minaj's husband turned himself in to federal authorities after being indicted for not registering as a sex offender in California after moving to the Golden State. He was reportedly released on a $100K bond and given a few restrictions, and as the news gained steam, the commentary flowed. 

One media outlet shared a screenshot of a report about Kenneth Petty's arrest on Instagram, and a familiar name was found as someone who liked the upload. Meek Mill reportedly double-tapped on the post and soon the screenshot of his name under the headline circulated online. Meek quickly caught heat for allegedly reveling in their sour news, so he took to Twitter to defend himself.

"You won’t never see me liking something about somebody catching a case I just wouldn’t say nothing! End of that," he wrote. The friction between the Pettys and Meek has been building in recent months. The trio were reportedly engaged in a screaming match inside of a Los Angeles store and Meek and Nicki traded insults online in a bitter Twitter Fingers battle. Check out Meek's tweet, the screenshot, and a few alleged receipts that he did indeed like the post below.