Bad news in the latest updates in Meek Mill's fight for freedom, as he was officially denied the right to a new trial by Judge Genece Brinkley. 

In the aftermath of Meek's arrest, it was discovered that the police officer who testified at his original criminal trial years ago had his name placed on a list of corrupt Philadelphia cops. In light of this new evidence, the Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, recommended that Meek be granted a new trial. However, Meek's longtime foe, Judge Genece Brinkley, thought otherwise.

When Meek appeared in court last Monday to demand a new trial, the hearing ended with no decision on the matter, as Judge Brinkley had yet to formulate her response. On Monday, according to TMZ, Judge Brinkley responded with a flat refusal of Meek's request. 

In her ruling, Judge Brinkley writes, "After an in-depth review of the record, court history, notes of testimony, and evidence submitted at the evidentiary hearing, this court hereby denies defendant's petition for PCRA relief as defendant failed to meet his burden of proof."

Judge Brinkley has so far been the greatest obstacle in Meek's attempts to be freed from his overbearing probation. Meek's legal team has frequently offered evidence that she stepped out of line during his trial, and she continues to do so even now. That being said, it's difficult to get someone to agree to fire themselves off their own case. In light of this unfortunate news, Meek's team will likely appeal the decision.

While we wait for updates on Meek's situation, feel free to listen to his politically-charged new track: "Stay Woke."