At this year’s BET Awards, there were more than enough performances to go around, and Meek Mill, whose own set came at the end of the ceremonies made sure brand a memory of significance in the minds of attendees and the viewers at home.

Choosing the stage as the perfect opportunity to premiere the new music he’s been teasing for some time, Meek was joined onstage with Miguel for the new track “Stay Woke.” Inspired by Meek’s experience from prisoner to advocate for criminal justice reform, the new track is a commentary on the broken system that came accompanied by a powerful performance complete with a stage set up to mimic the dangerous streets of crime and despondence that raised Meek and countless of other young men and women in the United States and beyond.

Additionally, Meek also sported a black sweatshirt featuring artwork of late rappers XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo who were both tragically killed due to gun violence on the same day on Monday, June 18th.

Earlier in the week, as Meek teased the new track, he noted a newfound responsibility he found in his artistry after his most recent stint behind bars: “I felt like I got a responsibility from when I was locked up with certain dudes and with me leaving, knowing I've got the support I got […] A lot of people stuck in their positions, they don't got resources. I always felt like I was responsible to reach back for a few and help them move forward and help them get light shed on their situation."