Why is it that Lil Mama continues to get humiliated in public settings? Remember when the "Lip Gloss" star hopped on stage at an award show uninvited and got ripped to shreds immediately after on social media? How could you not! She's not exactly facing the same level of backlash for this but there are certainly people clowning her for trying to get with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill.

This weekend, Meek announced that Hot Girl Summer is officially over by posting a photo of newly-minted couple Kehlani and YG (Baelani) on his own profile. He noted that he's trying to follow his Bompton friend in finding a wife and Lil Mama volunteered to take that spot. "Why you ain't just post us," she wrote in the comments. That was enough to elicit a response from Meek Milly, who didn't entirely seem down to go on a date with homegirl.

"Oh you shooting ya shot 'shot' huh," asked the superstar in response. The comical exchange was captured by The Shade Room, who reposted it for the tea to get sipped by all their followers. As you would expect, the comments section was pretty messy. "Lmaooooo this is her jumping on stage all over again," wrote one commenter. Another compared her to a desperate high schooler just trying to get his hug from the popular girl. 

Do you think Lil Mama has a shot with Meek or is this it?