Though Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has faced adversity throughout the past year, he has since emerged with a stronger resolve than ever. Despite facing off in a ridiculous battle of wills with nemesis Judge Genece Brinkley, Meek has managed to retain a respectable sense of optimism. In fact, the man himself might even tell you he's living his "best life," as evidence by a celebratory new Instagram post.

In a move familiar to scholars of Blac Youngsta, Meek Mill found himself cuddling up beside a pile of money, sleeping like a tuckered out infant with the shadow of a grin etched on his face. Despite the fact that Meek's proverbial bedmate is taking up the lion's share of the space, he seems to have no problem letting the ample pile engage in what some might call "manspreading." It's interesting to see Meek enter in the flex game, given his recent status as a symbol of justice, a position bestowed upon him by the adoring public.

"I’m livingggggg my besttt lifeeeeeee I ain’t going back and forth wit you b#%ches!" writes Meek, having the foresight to censor out his language should younger viewers be browsing his page. We can only hope that all that money brings him a tangible sense of inner peace. Though he does seem happy, one must never forget the eternal wisdom of The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, and Mase. Mo money, mo problems.