Although the year started off a bit rough for Meek Mill, the rapper has closed it off on a complete 180 from where he was last year during this time. Within a short amount of time, the rapper triumphantly returned from prison, used his platform to create awareness surrouding prison reform, dropped an album and more. Today, BET has dubbed the Philadelphia spitter their 2018 Man Of The Year.

Meek Mill has been through a lot this year alone so it doesn't come as much of a shock that BET chose him as their 2018 Man Of The Year. BET picked Meek due to the major comeback he's had despite the numerous setbacks he's faced over the past few years of his career. Musically, the rapper bounced back from being dubbed the "walking L" throughout his feud with Drake and dropped a great album, Championships. However, it's the rapper's work within raising awareness for social issues and becoming the face of prison reform that has helped him earn this accolade. 

Meek Mill has been steadily promoting Championships since its release in November. The rapper recently shared the music video for "Trauma" which served as the second visual offering following "Intro." Meek is also set hit the road in 2019 for the "Motivation" tour. The tour kicks off in Miami on Feb 19th. Peep the tour dates here.