You might describe DJ Khaled's “They Don’t Love You No More” with Jay Z, French Montana, Rick Ross, and Meek Mill, as something of a "monster record". Meek Mill himself described it as such in an interview with Complex, adding that he and Khaled have about 20 more where that came from.

“I was in the studio with Khaled cooking up monster records,” he said." “Me and Khaled was working together making like 20 monster joints. And that was the one that Khaled picked that he wanted out of the 20."

Meek revealed that he and Khaled both wanted the song as their single. "We was going back and forth about ["They Don’t Love You No More”]. I wanted it too. But, you know, Khaled ended up winning…He came out on top,” he shared.

The MMG spitter later commented on Drake's recent praise for the intro to his debut album Dreams & Nightmares, which Drizzy called “one of the best rap moments of our generation.”

“It felt good to hear Drake show love and respect like that,” he said. “Me and my homies, we always thought that about the intro…It ain’t take Drake to say it, Drake just put an extra stamp on it…That’s the homie and that’s how he must have felt, he just woke up and tweeted that. I always say most of the time in interviews Drake like the hottest, the biggest artist of our generation. I was smiling when I seen [the Tweet].”

Watch the full interview below.