Meek Mill's legal troubles have been looming over his head for well over a decade at this point. The rapper's been fighting to get a new judge on his case but has been denied on numerous occasions. Earlier today, reported on an alleged recording of Judge Genece Brinkley's lawyer admitting that that Meek Mill should have immediately been granted a new trial. "Tape or no tape, I don’t believe I said it," he responded to the allegations. Despite this, Meek Mill claims the judge's lawyer once paid him a visit in jail and told him that he could get the incarcerated rapper out of prison.

In response to's recent article, Meek Mill explained how many people in the Philadelphia legal world are award of the corruption that's going on with his case and aren't speaking on it. He said that out of 1500 cases, his is the only one still dealing with the original judge. However, the interesting part about what he said is that he revealed that Judge Gence Brinkley's lawyer visited him during his recent prison stint and tried to help him out.

"My case is the only case still in front of my original judge and being denied which is now holding thousands of others back from freedom because of this dirty cop who has been proven to be corrupt!" He wrote, "Even her lawyer admitted this on tape saying I deserve a new trial and saying he didn’t say it... and he is the same lawyer that came to see me durning my incarceration and had a full conversation about my case and said he could get me out because he knows my judge, I didn’t pay him money and weeks later he’s my judge attorney which is beyond conflict of interest!! what judge has an criminal attorney? It’s so much more to the story."

Meek then aired out every "judge, sheriff and clerk in the CJC building" and said they can't speak on it because it goes against a code.

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