A few months back, Meek Mill decided to go on a bit of a motorcycle joyride, which culminated in him popping wheelies through the streets of New York like a real life Grand Theft Auto session. Unfortunately for Meek, he caught a few wanted stars in the process, which resulted in a reckless endangerment charge. However, Meek's lawyers must have been listening to the "win" tracks on Wins & Losses, because they came through in a big way for the rapper. In the end, Meek caught a lenient deal, that would go on to find the charge wiped from his record, with a few key caveats.

The ever-vigilant TMZ has shared some of the details of Meek's deal, which certainly places emphasis on rewarding good behavior. As stated earlier, the charge could very well be dropped from Meek's record altogether, provided he manages to stay arrest-free for six months. Plus, Meek was also scheduled to come through with thirty hours of community service, of which he's already completed twenty. Suffice it to say, Meek's freewheeling joyride turned out to be nothing serious, and although someone could have gotten hurt, nobody ultimately did. Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to throw the book at the Wins And Losses rapper, who has been enjoying an otherwise successful 2017.

Meek's attorney feels the same way, telling TMZ that ""This swift resolution vindicates Meek and clearly shows how outrageous the police department's conduct is in this case." Shots fired. Still, the charge could have been much worse. Meek was initially booked on a felony charge, but it was later dropped to a misdemeanor. Now, provided he can keep his head to the ground, Meek's latest legal woe will soon be nothing but a distant, gasoline-scented memory.