Meek Mill called out blogs on Twitter, Saturday, for their coverage of Eric Riddick’s recent plea deal, saying that they were busy focusing on "goofy shit," a likely reference to his viral tweet about "vibrating panties."

“Yesterday I help a innocent man gain his freedom back he had life in prison …. on the net I was trending for a pause basically lol them blogs got y’all,” Meek wrote on Twitter. “Go check blogs pages ...don’t post positive post just the goofy shit… y’all sheep and be serious lol.”

Meek Mill, Eric Reddick
Brad Barket / Getty Images

The rapper also posted a meme with the caption, "Ever time the internet don’t understand me I be like this."

“I need vibrating panties with the remote lol," he wrote in the initial tweet that went viral. “They on Amazon? Lol.”

After spending 29 years in prison for murder, Riddick has been released after a Court of Common Pleas Judge vacated his 1992 first-degree murder conviction. Riddick has long-maintained his innocence.

While he will be released from prison, the court is not technically exonerating Reddick of the crime. Instead, he will plead no contest to a third-degree murder charge and time served.

“He’s going to be free. It doesn’t matter what they say because I know he’s innocent,” Reddick's mother said. “That’s on the back burner because I already know the truth. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me.”