If you invested $1,000 into Dogecoin at the beginning of this year, you would have roughly $40,000 today. Early investors into the latest cryptocurrency trend, including Elon Musk and countless others who have been raving about the once-known meme coin, which uses a Shiba Inu's face as its branding, are claiming that $DOGE will be worth even more before the end of this year.

The coin hit a new all-time high this week, surging 40% on Tuesday and prompting would-be investors to stock up on Doge. Even those that have been sitting on the sidelines for the last few months, including Meek Mill, have bitten the bullet, with the rapper revealing he bought $50,000 USD worth of Dogecoin last night.

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

"I just grabbed some doge I’m tired of missing out," tweeted the Philadelphia-based artist on Tuesday night. He showed off his receipt too, proving that he acquired approximately 92,411 DOGE. With this investment, if the coin reaches an estimated $1 before the end of the year, Meek's money will nearly double. It has the potential to skyrocket even further, especially if Elon Musk continues to push the coin on social media. Dogecoin to the moon?

Have you put any money into Dogecoin yet? Do you think Meek Mill's investment will end up paying off in the long run? Let us know your thoughts.