Days ago, a video of Young Thug speaking about social media went viral. The YSL icon briefly addressed scrolling through timelines and feeling depressed, and it is a complaint that social media users have expressed for years. Many platforms have tried to curtail negative feelings while accessing certain sites and apps, but users instead take matters into their own hands and remove themselves from the internet, albeit temporarily. 

Social media breaks have become the norm and Meek Mill announced that it might be time for him to bow out for a while.

Meek Mill
Shareif Ziyadat / Stringer / Getty Images

"About to take a break from social media … I see too much crazy sh*t!" Meek tweeted. "Being a young kid gotta be confusing as sh*t in these times of social media….. I be lost seeing some of this stuff." 

Meek didn't specify what brought on this need to take a social media sabbatical or what he has been viewing that makes him feel "lost." However, the Philadelphia rapper has received support online from others who co-signed his sentiments and believe that social media has shifted the way people look at themselves, as well as the world as a whole.

Check out his tweets below and let us know if you think social media breaks are necessary.


Meek Mill