You can't keep a good man down. Though much of Meek's recent hardships has been documented at great length, his comeback has all but redirected the narrative altogether. These days, Meek's status is at an all-time high, rubbing shoulders with noted moguls like Jay-Z and DJ Khaled one evening, and moving to reshape the criminal justice system the next. Still, despite his versatility in dealing with various causes, Meek's heart appears to remain in the studio. With Championships mere months young, Meek has already begun work on his next endeavor, the fifth installment of his Dreamchasers mixtape series.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, Meek made the announcement that the "Dreamchasers album coming immediately!!!" Of course, such claims can mean a variety of things in the rap game, though Meek seems to be a man of his word. Given the project's fast-and-loose status as a "mixtape," it stands to reason it will not be approached with the same meticulous attention to detail as an "album." Though one has to wonder if there's even a distinction to be made in this day and age. 

Either way, we look forward to the fifth chapter of Dreamchasers, a mixtape pentalogy for our times. Respect to Meek Mill