Shyne has been making headlines over the past couple months more for calling out other rappers on Twitter, and sharing unpopular views on new artists, than for his music.  Another ongoing feud has been between Philly rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy, who have even exchanged dissrecords.  Now Shyne and Meek have exchanged some words on Twitter with the MMG rapper accusing Po of hating on rising artists, and then Shyne responding with saying Cassidy murdered Meek on wax, and called Rick Ross “Donnie Brasco”. 

The exchange started with the Dreamchasers rapper calling Shyne out, “I see u hate all the young niggas that’s out here getting! I can’t respect ya for that!”  This led to the former Bad Boy rapper saying that Cassidy  got the better of Meek, and that the MMG Bawse is a snitch, “@MeekMill truth ain’t hate! @Cassidy_Larsiny ate your food! Your boss is Donnie brasco I got zero respect for that young!”

Apparently thinking better of starting beef with Milly, Shyne started to backpedal and giving props to the young Philly spitter, “I always said that @MeekMill was that deal! He rapping bout a life he really lived! A life I really lived! He feed his hood. #Respect.”

This short lived “beef” seems to have already ran its course, and as you can see in the tweets below, Shyne ends with only heaping praise on Meek.