Meek Mill recently caught up with Rap Caviar, and while he opened up on a variety of topics, he eventually found himself discussing his friendship with Russ. In case you missed it, Russ and Meek previously connected in the studio, leaving many wondering how such a relationship came about. 

"I've been around Russ two or three times. I respect he's making the beat, music, hook and verses. In this game, you have to respect that. I respect actually creating that shit," says Meek, during an interview with Rap Caviar. "I invited him to the studio, and my studio sessions are always like parties." One can imagine that liquor was indeed flowing, which makes the next part not entirely unsurprising.

"Me and Russ actually had a lightweight argument at the end of the night!" reveals Meek. "We happened to be staying at the same hotel. We said a few words and shit. He expressed himself in an emotional way. He tells the truth a lot and a lot of people are not really fine with hearing the truth." It's possible that Meek saw a bit of himself in Russ, given that he was previously the one catching "L's" from nameless internet trolls.

"I've been in the situation where everyone like, 'L this," reflects Meek. "I'm like, 'L? I just bought two Maybachs just yesterday, what the hell are y'all talking about?' And that's kinda what's happening to him right now.  Y'all need to revamp this whole social-media shit." He proceeds to explain that if he were to kick someone during a low-moment, hitting them with "L's" willy-nilly, he would feel like a piece of shit. 

Though Meek and Russ didn't actually make any music ("shit was like a full-fledged party"), he did express interest in a future collaboration. "In the future I think me and Russ going to cook some shit up. Meek Mill and Russ on the way soon."