Meek Mill has adapted to his newfound status as "the People's Champ" rather nicely. Gone are the days in which Meek Mill faced adversity upon opening a Safari browser window. Now, he's fielding phone calls and DMs from all manner of artists looking to lock him down for a collaboration. It's a welcome change of pace, as Meek has been riding the wave of a truly enjoyable body of work. On that note, Championships found the Philadelphia hero holding it down alongside Future Hendrxx, who will be dropping his own solo album, The WIZRD in the weeks to come. 

While we know little in the way of The WIZRD's collaborations, many have speculated that Meek Mill will be returning the favor by appearing on the upcoming project. Last we heard from the duo, Future was blessing Meek's "Splash Warning," alongside Young Thug and Roddy Rich. Now, Meek Mill has fuelled collaboration talk with a callback to the banger, sharing a photo of the pair on Instagram, looking appropriately dapper. Though some might deem the collaboration a strange blend in theory, practice indicates that the formula is indeed successful. 

Can we expect another Future & Meek link-up on The WIZRD? Only time will tell.