While talking to Miss info about the Chris Brown "I Don't Like" where he takes some not so subtle stabs at Drake, Big Sean was very casual and finds the beef between the two artists entertaining. "That's the entertainment in hip hop", Sean said.  He seems fine with the beef and doesn't seem to think it's anything serious. 

Big Sean revealed a side of Chris Brown that most of us might not be used to.  While a lot of people were surprised to hear the R&B singer go hard and spit diss lyrics, Big Sean was not, "people don't know Chris Brown...he's a tough guy too, he ain't a softie.  He's the most turned up dude I know". 

Miss Info pressed Big Sean to choose a winner "if it's a battle, who's winning?" but Sean, who has worked with both artists, wouldn't pick a side "I can't judge...it ain't affecting me too much, it's just entertainment.  I feel like, it's cool...keep dissing".  

Meek Mill also weighed in on the beef, and he apparently hasn't heard the diss track yet, but would like to see the two popular artists step aside and says "leave that to the guys that need that joint kinda thing".  Meek's verse was used on the Chris Brown "I Don't Like" remix but he doesn't want to be part of the beef "I don't really wanna do that no more...I've been in jail before".  He says he wasn't contacted about his verse being featured on the diss record, "that's the main problem in the game...people don't pick up the phone".  

It will be interesting to see if Drake responds and the entertaining beef continues, or if the two artists can move past this.