Former State Property member Oschino took to Instagram to voice his frustrations about fellow Philly emcee Meek Mill. The OG rapper accused the Dream Chasers front man of blocking him on Instagram when he asked for a shoutout. Oschino has a new mixtape out and wanted his famous peer to advertise it on IG.

"I look at his page, my shit ain't up. I look again, his page deactivated. So I was talking about on Live, he must have been watching my page from somebody else's Live," Oschino said in an IG video. "I don't know what I said but whatever I said he caught feelings [...] ya'll know he's a sissy nigga."

He said that when he texted Meek afterwards, the DC 4 artist answered, "'I don't owe you nothing.'" In the caption, Oschino accuses his younger counterpart of working with everybody but his hometown peers. Prior to that clip, the Beanie Sigel associate put up a video of a past interview in which Meek explains why he has the utmost respect for him.

"Oschino was the first to do it with me [...] when ya'll hadn't even heard of me," Meek says in the dated video. "Oschino's the first nigga, he was poppin' at the time. None of these other niggas did a verse with me when they was poppin' at the time. Nobody."

Oschino also indicated that he's upset Meek repped Philly rapper ApeGang Garci's music but not his.