Meek Mill Criticizes Cassidy For Using Lil Snupe's Name On "Catch A Body"

  September 10, 2013 14:10
Meek Mill argues that he's "helping" Cassidy by releasing diss tracks, and criticizes the rapper for using Liul Snupe's name on "Catch A Body".

For better or for worse, the Meek Mill and Cassidy beef rages on. Meek released a track targeting Cass earlier in the week, and Cassidy naturally fired back within 24 hours. Now in an interview with MTV, Meek Mill spoke on his ongoing feud with his fellow Philly emcee, revealing that he feel he's "helping" his opponent.

"That’s just me giving Cassidy some help." said Meek of "Kendrick, You're Next". "I actually did that record eight months ago, so everybody on my team already heard it, but when I was recording and fixing the last bars, rapping, 'Enuff what’s up?' ‘Kendrick You’re Next’ he asked me what to save it under, and it became ‘Kendrick You Next.’ 

Mill then went on to denounce Cassidy for having too much time to write battle raps. "That boy ain’t got nothing but time," he said. "He came at me before the day was over, in 24 hours, in no time."

The MMG rapper also argued that Cassidy was going too far by mentioning Lil Snupe, a close friend and collaborator to Meek who was killed earlier this year. "That little kid died and he’s got family. People I be around don’t play like that. I don’t talk about people’s family members or friends or somebody that died, in a rap."

Watch the full interview below.

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NEWS Meek Mill Criticizes Cassidy For Using Lil Snupe's Name On "Catch A Body"