Brooklyn rapper Medhane has been accused of raping a woman, responding to the accusations with a lengthy message.

According to a young woman on Twitter, Medhane forced himself on her, raped her, and bad-mouthed her to fellow rapper Mavi following the encounter.

"If I feel up to it I will make a full post in detail explaining the immense amount of trauma and manipulation I've experienced from my brief encounter with medonny," wrote the woman on Instagram. "For now just know that This Man assaulted me during my thanksgiving break last year and I've been in the process of trying to get therapy and healing from these events and the ones that followed."

Her post was accompanied by a text message thread with Mavi, a rapper close with Medhane. She claims that Mavi is not abusive himself but calls him out for not holding his former friend accountable for his actions.

Medhane has since responded to the accusations.

"Rape is reprehensible and unforgivable," he started. "I am deeply pained by these accusations. Our protection comes from speaking truth and making it known. I had a sexual relationship with a woman, and spoke poorly of her to another person. I acknowledge that this is problematic behavior and have since attempted to make amends with this young woman to no avail. After her tweet in which she called me a rapist, I reached out to her to try to understand how I made her feel and what I could do to mend the hurt. She didn't respond. With the tweets and retweets of individuals of this accusation, I must respond even though to do so puts me in the position of saying a young woman is misrepresenting a sexual encounter."

Read Medhane's full response below.