It was a very scary sight on November 23rd when University of Central Flordia Golden Knights quarterback McKenzie Milton was tackled and dislocated his right knee in one of the more gruesome injuries you will ever see. The reactions from the players and coaches pretty much said everything you need to know about the extent of the injury.

The injury was so severe, that Milton almost had to have his right leg amputated, as blood flow was being cut off after the dislocation. Instead, Milton underwent reconstructive surgery which ended up being a success, and now the quarterback is showing off some of his rehabilitation from the injury.

"Thanking God for the miracles I see everyday in my life. Went from almost losing my leg to leg pressing 40lbs in a little over a month, Milton said on Instagram. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. God is definitely at’s gonna be a long process but it’ll be one hell of a story."

The video below shows a glimpse at Milton's leg press and his recovery. After such an awful injury like that, it's great to see him doing well.