Sometimes, you can't help but wonder what type of drugs fashion designers are on when they're planning out next season's collections. We've seen Balenciaga come out with a "T-Shirt Shirt" and most recently, Gucci caught some major flack for a sweater that resembled somebody wearing blackface. The iconic fashion house has also released a bathing suit that you can't swim in... Well, it didn't take too long for Balenciaga to come back out on top in a chart of the most questionable decisions taken by large clothing brands. 

In the summer, a pair of shoes was released by Balenciaga that one social media user believed looked just like the McDonald's french fry carton. The tweet ended up going viral with over 113K people liking the post. It took a while for McDonald's to officially respond to the joke but they finally did, proving that their social media team has a pretty good sense of humor. 

The Swedish extension of McDonald's came through with some troll mastery as they posted a photo of somebody rocking the french fry boxes as shoes, poking fun at Demna Gvasalia's design. Demna is one of the most influential designers in the industry, also working as the head designer for Vetements. Even he's allowed to make mistakes every once in a while, I guess. Or was this piece intended to go viral from the start?