Maybe I'm getting old, but didn't we watch Morgan Spurlock almost die after eating McDonald's for a month in Super Size Me? It appears that all memory of that documentary has been wiped, because McDonald's lovers are going crazy over a new competition that will award one winner free food for life. McDonald's recently released a new ad for their "McGold Card," which is like the Black Card of fast food. The card is actually a gold plated phone case that will be awarded to the competition's winner. 

As you would expect, there's a ton of fine print that goes along with the "free food for life" card. The winner will receive a gift card via the McDonald's app with $1,000 that can be used to get the food. The winner will also receive $35,400 cash plus $15,600 to offset taxes on the prize. The monetary prize represents the "free food," with McDonald's calculating the cost of "up to two meals per week for fifty (50) years" as the aforementioned cash pot. Here are the full details via McDonald's:

"One (1) prize is available to be won. The winner, subject to verification, will receive McDonald’s food for Life (for the winner only), up to two meals per week for 50 years, awarded as a $1,000 credit on winner’s McDonald’s App and $35,400 cash, plus $15,600 to offset taxes on the prize, awarded as a check for $51,000. Winner will also receive a custom gold-plated phone case. Total ARV: $52,350. Winner may choose a cash alternative of $1,000 in lieu of $1,000 App credit, added to check. The Sweepstakes Entities make no representation or warranty that the amount included to help pay taxes will be sufficient to pay winner’s entire tax liability."