A New York McDonald's night-shift manager has been working double time at his Bronx location. According to an official NYPD police report, 26-year-old Frank Guerrero was running a successful drug cartel called "Operation Off the Menu" by selling McDonald's customers cocaine. 

His scheme consisted of hiding the drugs in the restaurant's soap dispenser and then stuffing each drop into a cookie bag, then adding it as a dessert to orders. Apparently, his clients never had a code word, he just knew them all because he had been running the operation for eight years. He got busted when he racked up a bill to an undercover cop for $10,900 over the course of eight transactions. There's a particular incident where Frank sold 100 grams of coke and crack to the cop for $6,250 - the cop just sat in a booth in the fast food joint where Frank served him a take-out bag with the goods. 

The Mcdonald's Frank worked at was a 24-hour location that only allowed drive-through at certain hours, but Frank allowed his special customers to slide through the front and wait for their special orders. Other Mcdonald's employees were said to be working at the same time as Frank, but no names have been given to anyone who played as a key witness. 

New York Daily News says Frank's house was raided on Wednesday where they found 200 grams of coke and a little over $5,300 in bills. His girlfriend, 24-year-old Leidy Cabral, was allegedly arrested on similar charges related to drug possession. 

Speaking of McDonald's, OJ Simpson, who was just released from prison, made the popular fast food restaurant his first meal as a free man. To be exact, he ordered two number four combos. When his attorney was asked about OJ's food of choice he said: "[OJ] said, ‘It’s better than prison food, but it’s not what it’s all cracked out to be.' He was happy to be outside, something on the outside."