Social media turned Facebook upside down recently. Facebook user Sameer Jafri decided to share a photo of his Mcdonald's meal via his social media, further questioning his friend list if they partook in the same skin removing procedures with their chicken nuggets. Indeed, the shared image does reveal Jafri has removed the skin from every single one of his nuggets and neatly placed it on the other side of the box. The photo has now gone viral and managed to send all of the social media in a complete frenzy. 

A slew of comments ensued the post, calling out Jafri for his picky eating habits. Reactions range from "OMFG WHAT IS THIS" and "this makes me feel ill! Who would do such a thing to their nuggets!" to several puking emojis. Clearly, many were shocked to know people were out here removing the skin from their nuggets. Precisely, many lovers of the crunchy goodies were not pleased with Jafari's actions. While the majority of social media dragged the poor user, others vouched for the unique behavior. "I'm not the only one," one said "I used to do this when I was younger!!!!" cheered another. 

The latter did spark a debate. Do you peel the skin off your chicken nuggets or nah?