Rap legend MC Lyte has found herself on the receiving end of a lawsuit. A man named Christopher Smith says that he worked for MC Lyte's production and entertainment management company, Sunni Gyrl Inc. He was brought on as an animator, writer, and artist, but he claims that he's been stiffed for 1,228 working hours.

According to TMZ, Smith states that he worked tirelessly on a project but is still owed $38,375. He alleges that when he was laid off from the project he did receive a check for a little over $11K from Lyte and her business partner, Lynn Richardson, but when he tried to cash it, it bounced. Frustrated with the situation, Smith filed a lawsuit against the rapper and her company.

Lyte, however, says that Smith is only telling half-truths. She does admit that he was an employee of Sunni Gyrl, but states that he "demanded payment" before the project was completed. A representative for MC Lyte told TMZ that Smith and Sunni Gyrl did reach a settlement agreement regarding his wages, but it was under the condition that Smith would sign overl ownership of the some of his illustrations. The rep also says that the check didn't bounce due to lack of funds; there was a stop payment placed on the check because Smith didn't turn over the agreed-upon work. 

"Mr. Smith's frivolous lawsuit is smoke-and-mirrors and a misguided attempt to publicly harass and intimidate MC Lyte and Sunni Gyrl," the rep added.