MC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing a police officer, however, the rapper claims a different chain of events occurred. According to the MC the police officer was racial profiling.

Hammer was released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA, where he had been brought following his arrest for obstructing and resisting an officer. Following the incident, Hammer took to Twitter to share his version of events-- apparently the cop tapped on Hammer's window asking, "Are you on parole or probation?" While Hammer searched for his I.D., the cop tried to pull Hammer out of the car, but was not able.  He tweeted about the attempt, "You have to know me to understand I was laughing when he was grunting and pulling on me .. I had just left the weight room." Things quickly became more serious when the police officer pulled out his gun. The MC continued, "It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help (MallCop) !!! But make no mistake he's dangerous." 

He added, "I will now answer his question, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation fat boy !!!"