Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's four-stop international press tour rolls into the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn today after last night's electric event in Toronto.

At the first MayGregor presser, both vowed to put the other man to sleep in the center of the ring, while Conor took his trash talk a step further by wearing a custom suit with pinstripes that read "Fuck You."

Last night, Conor turned his trash-talking up a notch, calling out Floyd for not being able to read and laughing at the lack of money he had in his backpack, while the crowd raucously cheered him on. 

Expect much more of the same at today's showdown in BK which will surely turn into yet another highly entertaining roast.

Check out the live stream of today's Brooklyn press conference, which is scheduled to begin around 6:30 pm EST, below.