So many stories about heroes stepping up and helping others in a time of crisis have come to the forefront of the news in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it has caused in many cities and towns across the state of Texas, most notably Houston. Those who have lent a hand and, in most cases, gone above and beyond the call of duty have helped offset the tone-deaf responses from the likes of Joel Osteen and Donald Trump. The latest tale of compassion, bravery and love to come out of the Harvey tragedy is that of Maxo Kream's fans helping his family escape the perilous conditions brought on by the severe flooding that continues to plague Houston.

A native of the Lone Star State himself, Kream took to Instagram to share details of the incredible story, revealing how what might seem like a small act of kindness has led to big gains for his family and their well-being in these turbulent times. Below is the caption he shared on Instagram:

"This last weekend really showed me how God can bless yu and test yu at the same time. My mom worked hard her whole life jus so she Can move is out of Alief to the sub urbs and lost every thing to a flood. I'm not jus one of those rappers doin this to cool I'm really goin thru the struggle wit my city. When word got out the my Mama Daddy(who is very sicc) lil bro and lil sis was stucc in a flooded house wit no food or lights my fans went over and saved them. Not only that that came bacc and help clean up the house. It might look like a lost but to me it's a gain... with my faith and God and this music. We done lost everything b4 and got it right bacc so this lil storm ain't gonna hold us bacc. Jus make us stronger and bring us together not jus as a family but as I city. With that being said I'm grabbin my crew of fans that helped my family and we goin out helping all the family's across the city. We taking donations but I'm not worried about money I only ask that if yu come out yu lend a helping hand. We goin to b goin to neighborhoods and shelters helping out till every one gets the help and assistance they need[...]"

Kream went on to add the link to a GoFundMe campaign that he's started in the hopes of raising as much money as possible to support the Harvey relief efforts. The rapper is truly blessed to have the kind of fans that are willing to put their own lives on hold and come through for his family in their most desperate moment of need. You can also check out his hot new single "5200" here.